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 ASD 550 - Lumbar Traction Belt  "Life can feel good again." 

The ASD 550 reduces the pressure in the lumbar spine by providing traction between the upper hips and the lower ribs. This eases the stress placed on the spine by increasing weight bearing support away from the lower back.

Vertically inflated air chambers,  reduce spinal decompression and dramatically decrease lower back and radiating pain. 

The ASD 550 is lightweight, slender and offers a large range of mobility. Our design allows both people with an active lifestyle and those with a more limited activity level to enjoy walking or standing for long periods of time in almost any situation. It helps you enjoy sports or leisure time again. Worn under or over your clothing, it assists in active rehabilitation. An included extender allows for additional size adjustments. 

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The ASD 550 is advantageous forPeople who are challenged but may not tolerate a rigid body jacket but still require assistance and support. This makes the ASD 550 one of the most user-friendly, practical and versatile Back Braces available on the market. 

The ASD 550 can relieve the following conditions:



Lumbar Brace

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